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[tycho-user] Using tycho-p2-extras-plugin:mirror without pinging p2 stats URI?


at regular intervals our build uses tycho-p2-extras-plugin:mirror to
produce a zipped update site that our users behind very restrictive
firewalls can download and install from.

Unfortunately, the mirror goal pings the p2 stats URI [1] on each build,
thereby distorting the download statistics. Is there a way (a system
property perhaps) to tell p2 not to send HEAD requests to the configured
stats URIs?

Best wishes,


[1] <>

Codetrails GmbH
The knowledge transfer company

Robert-Bosch-Str. 7, 64293 Darmstadt
Phone: +49-6151-276-7092
Mobile: +49-170-811-3791

Managing Director: Dr. Marcel Bruch
Handelsregister: Darmstadt HRB 91940

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