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[tycho-user] It's not possible to use test fragments


I have a fairly uncommon project structure. There is a core plugin witch has a target specific fragment. The core test plugin also has a target specific test plugin which is indeed it's fragment. You can think of it as the core test needs the target test fragment to load it's test configuration.
When the core test is running the following artifacts are need to be loaded in the test runtime:
core, target fragment, core.test, taget.test.fragment. Note that these are more like integration tests instead of unit tests, so the test plugins are not fragments of the plugins under tests. However I think it has no relevance in this case.

Prior 0.22 this setup was working fine using tycho-surefire-plugin dependencies. Now as the recommended way to use target-platform-configuration extraRequirements. So I added in core.test the target fragment (strangely it's in the same reactor, but not added to the test runtime automatically as in previous versions). This was ok. However when I tried to add the test fragment also, I ended up in a ProjectCycleException.

I think it boils down to be able to have a test plugin and have it's fragments loaded.

I attached the sample project, demonstrating the problem.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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