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[tycho-user] Plugins of the target platform aren't deployed in the test environment

Hi all,

My project consists of a set of plugins that are built by Tycho as
different modules. I have a few test cases where I want to start a new
Eclipse instance containing my plugins, dynamically deploy some
projects and test the resulting workspace. This works fine in Eclipse
with the Junit plugin test mechanism.

However, I cannot succeed to make it work with Tycho. I've defined a
target platform configuration file (with mainly JDT/PDE/Xtext) that I
define as an eclipse-target-definition and reference in my main pom.xml
(target-platform-configuration). This works fine for building my
plugins, feature and update site. However, when debugging during the
test execution, I see only two plugins (org.eclipse.jdt.debug and deployed in the new Eclipse

Is it normal that the plugins of my target platform are not deployed in
the instance used to run the tests? How can I make it work? I know the
target platform is well-formed because Tycho successfully builds my

The target/work/data/.metadata/.log doesn't contain any error. Only the
two aforementioned plugins are deployed in target/work/plugins/. The
same happens when directly using <repositories/> within the pom.xml
instead of the *.target file.

Thanks for your help, best regards,


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