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[tycho-user] Managing Manifests


I have a Eclipse Plugin that acts as a shared library plugin to the rest of our product.  The library JARs that are contained within this plugin are built as normal artifacts.

So basically I have a library JAR and it’s dependencies that are built POM first. Then I have a plug-in project which depends upon the previous library JAR and it’s dependencies which is build using Tycho, manifest first.

Surprisingly, I’ve got a solution that works with a single reactor build.  Currently I build library JAR artifacts normally, then for the plug-in build I use the maven-dependency-plugin to copy the all dependency jars into a lib directory, of which my file is hardwired to depend upon each individual jar.

I’d like to be able to dynamically update the and of the plugin to include all the dependencies copied over from other plugins.

This pattern works relatively well in that it allows us to do continuous builds using Jenking/Maven/Tycho, while being able to do normal plug-in development using Eclipse.  Additionally this also works well in that we will be eventually open sourcing a portion of the product, and the jars (and other native artifacts) will remain closed source (for now).

I’m wondering if anyone has a recipe they could share for updating the manifest and files that the plugin uses to include the right dependency jars, but retain all the manually managed export information? Or is this all crazy-talk?

FWIW this seems similar to the POM first vs Manifest first examples on the wiki [1], but even after looking at the source [2], I’m not sure I fully understand what the sample is doing, it seems there are like 4 different examples rolled up into one making it quite confusing. It’s like creating a bundle - that depends upon another bundle, that’s made up of jars, of which both bundles are depended upon by another two bundles - just seems beyond a non-trivial example. It makes me feel like the solution is overkill for what in my mind should be copying some jars into a directory and add those jars into a file. It seems like what I want is similar to what the build01/pomfirst-thirdparty is doing, but not sure. Again, I might be misunderstanding what is going on with the example.

Any advice and pointers much appreciated.


- Jim

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