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Re: [tycho-user] Features with root files from nexus -> root, files missing

Thanks, I will give the Nexus Unzip Plugin a try.

But than I have to add a repository for every feature my product uses to the pom.xml of the eclipse-repository for the product I want to build, right?

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Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 08:17:10 +0000
From: "Sievers, Jan"<jan.sievers@xxxxxxx>
To: Tycho user list<tycho-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [tycho-user] Features with root files from nexus -> root
	files	missing
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not sure what the


Nexus p2 plugin you are using is, but looks like it doesn't handle attached feature artifacts which contain the zipped root files (and it probably never will as this is a Tycho implementation detail).

The only thing I can claim that works for me is building an eclipse-repository module and using
to consume it.


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