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Re: [tycho-user] Problems running tests with luna platform

Unfortunately I cannot use the orbit mockito as this results in the exception "signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package" caused I believe by eclipse signing the bundles. I now recall this being the reason for switching to the maven version of Mockito. As noted in one of my other replies, adding org.hamcrest as an explicit target platform dep seems to work.


On 17 March 2015 at 09:09, Simon Goodall <simon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Marc-Andre,

Thanks for the orbit pointer and the patch. The maven artifact is an OSGi bundle and I have been using it (v 1.9.5) for quite some time now with no problems. It is only just become a problem when attempting to run with Luna. I previously switched from orbit to the maven combined bundle due to problems getting the dependency set/order correct - conflicting eclipse and orbit bundles and getting it to run in eclipse and in Tycho. I'll try again with the newer repo.



On 16 March 2015 at 23:18, Marc-André Laperle <marc-andre.laperle@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't think you can add dependencies (mockito-all) from maven like that, it has to be an Eclipse plugin. I tried your example and added the mockito from Eclipse Orbit [1] and it works. See attached patch.


Hope this helps,

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I have been trying to migrate my product from a Indigo base to a Luna base. I have things working in Eclipse, but I am having trouble getting my unit tests to run in Tycho. Specifically I seem to be unable to add Mockito (mockito-all obtained from maven central) as a dependency to my test project either as a real plugin or a fragment). Removing the mockito dependency allows the test to pass. Tycho reports a fairly vague bundle is not found exception for my test bundle/fragment. However there does appear to be a number of unresolved capability requirements which I am unsure where they have come from.

Any suggestions on getting this to run? I have attached the error output of the test run and I have uploaded a sample project to github [1]. This can be run with "mvn -X clean integration-test -Pluna"



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