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[tycho-user] Problems running tests with luna platform


I have been trying to migrate my product from a Indigo base to a Luna base. I have things working in Eclipse, but I am having trouble getting my unit tests to run in Tycho. Specifically I seem to be unable to add Mockito (mockito-all obtained from maven central) as a dependency to my test project either as a real plugin or a fragment). Removing the mockito dependency allows the test to pass. Tycho reports a fairly vague bundle is not found exception for my test bundle/fragment. However there does appear to be a number of unresolved capability requirements which I am unsure where they have come from.

Any suggestions on getting this to run? I have attached the error output of the test run and I have uploaded a sample project to github [1]. This can be run with "mvn -X clean integration-test -Pluna"




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