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[tycho-user] target-platform-utils:mirror-target-to-repo doesn't work with authenticated p2 repositories

Hi all,

this is a question not about Tycho itself, but about the JBoss Tools Tycho plugins, so I hope this list is still the right one.

What I am trying to do is creating a p2 repository by mirroring everything in my clients target platform.

Alas, my call to


results in an error that the platform could not be resolved. Running mvn with -X shows, that it couldn't authenticate against certain p2 URLs. I also saw, that it starts an eclipse instance with a temporary keyring file.

Obviously target-platform-utils:mirror-target-to-repo does have problems with authentication or is something else amiss?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Stephan Leicht Vogt
Senior Software Architect

Business Systems Integration AG
Täfernstrasse 16a, CH-5405 Baden
T +41 56 484 19 47
M +41 78 728 25 05

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