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[tycho-user] Update the modification of a changed plugin/feature

Our build is using version V.R.M.qualifier in the features/plugins along with the V.R.M.-SNAPSHOT in the pom.xml. Currently, when a new change set is made in a plugin, its qualifier is automatically updated by Eclipse during the build with a new timestamp. When it comes to the time of official announcement of a server pack, we need manually bumping up the modification of the plugin/feature versions. Since the plugin/feature version update also has impact on the containing features, it's not a easy job to get them all at a shot. I wonder whether this modification update can be done automatically or a report of the changed features/plugins can be generated during the build for the developer to check and update. It would be great if the repository information can be included since it helps to locate the owners of the plugin/feature.

Best Regards

Samuel Wu

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