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[tycho-user] Deploy p2 updatesites to nexus

Dear tycho-users,

I am currently trying to establish a satisfying solution to generate a p2 updatesite of non OSGi bundles on Nexus OSS. Therefore I am using the p2-maven-plugin ( and define my non OSGi dependencies in the pom.xml, which uses the p2-maven-plugin. When building this by using "mvn p2:site", all non OSGi dependencies are converted to OSGi bundles and a p2 updatesite, containing these bundles, is created. This updatesite can be found in the "target > repository" folder of the project. After the creation, I want to host this p2 updatesite on my Nexus OSS repository, so that I can reference this updatesite in my target definition and in the parent pom for my tycho build as repository.


In order to archive this I am currently using a shell script, which traverses the "target > repository" folder und upload all updatesite's artifacts, which have been created by the p2-maven-plugin, to a certain Nexus repository by using curl and the REST API of Nexus OSS.

This solution actually works, but I am wondering, if it could be improved or if better alternative solutions already exists.

Therefore I have some questions:
Do you have any comments concerning the solution I just explained?
Are there any issues I could face with this solution?
Do other, better solutions exist to provide non OSGi 3rd party libraries for a Tycho build?

In case you like my solution and have no complains concerning it, I am willing blog about it so that you can get more details. Please also do not hesitate to ask for more details, if something is not clear concerning my proposed solution.

Thanks in advance,


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