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Re: [tycho-user] Toolchains jdkHome inconsistency between Tycho and plain Maven

Jan Sievers wrote:
> We don't fork the compiler process and need to know the bootclasspath of a given JDK without running the compiler in it (where it would be known as ${java.home}).
> Why ${java.home} for a JDK started in $JDK_HOME seems to be mostly $JDK_HOME/jre is IMHO an implementation detail we can't really rely on.
> Hence "heuristics".

What about sun.boot.class.path? AFAIK, it's available in OpenJDK and J9
at least. If it is available, you would get the bootclasspath on a
silver plate. But still, you would need to fork the toolchain's java to
get at these values, which would probably slow down the build too much.

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