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Re: [tycho-user] Toolchains jdkHome inconsistency between Tycho and plain Maven


>> Is this a known issue or am I simply doing something wrong?
> see the discussion on
> follow-up enhancement may be used to work around it.

thanks for the pointers. Setting the bootclasspath explicitly may
actually be able to work around the issue.

> Could be we need better heuristics similar as proposed

That being said, I don't quite understand why the maven-compiler-plugin
only works with <jdkHome> pointing to the "JDK home" and the
tycho-compiler-plugin only works with it pointing to the "JRE home". It
seems to me that the maven-compiler-plugin must also make some
assumptions about the JDK filesystem layout, so I don't quite understand
why both  can't make the same assumptions and why the
tycho-compiler-plugin cannot switch to <jdkHome> meaning "JDK home". Is
it because bootclasspath needs to be set explicitly, as Tycho uses the
JDT compiler rather than the javac that's part of the "JDK home" and
which hence implicitly knows the bootclasspath?

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