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[tycho-user] Features (as mvm dependency) not added to the resolution context


I have two different Tycho builds. The second one has a product definition which includes a feature built by the first Tycho build. To make those bundles and features available to the second build I've added them to my pom.xml's as dependency. The resolution works perfectly for bundles but not for features:


[DEBUG] P2resolver.addMavenArtifact ch.yla.basis.client:ch.yla.basis.client.rcp.geo.ui:jar:2.7.23-SNAPSHOT:compile
[DEBUG] P2Resolver: artifact ch.yla.basis.client:ch.yla.basis.client.rcp.geo.ui:2.7.23-SNAPSHOT at location D:\devyla\mavenrepo\ch\yla\hop\basis\client\ch.yla.basis.client.rcp.geo.ui\2.7.23-SNAPSHOT\ch.yla.basis.client.rcp.geo.ui-2.7.23-SNAPSHOT.jar resolves installable unit ch.yla.basis.client.rcp.geo.ui/


[DEBUG] P2resolver.addMavenArtifact ch.yla.basis.client:ch.yla.basis.client.e4.feature:jar:2.7.23-SNAPSHOT:compile

The feature is not considered as an IU. Apparently just bundles are supported?!?

To make things more confusing the second product build works fine if I start the first build locally before. Then Tycho is able to resolve the dependency locally:

[WARNING] The following locally built units have been used to resolve project dependencies:
[WARNING]   ch.yla.basis.client.e4.feature.feature.jar/ 

IMHO it shouldn't make any difference if the artefact is first downloaded to my local repository or already available from a previous build.

Any ideas?


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