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[tycho-user] Tycho 0.21 Surefire Plugin Dependency declaration

Hi guys,


Can anyone can come up with a working example on how to add features and plugins from the current reactor to the “test runtime”?


The 0.21.0 release notes states that “<dependencies>” from the tycho-surefire-plugin configuration needs to be transformed in target-platform-configuration/dependency-resolution/extraRequirements instead. However, declaring the dependencies via the “target-platform-configuration” plugin as described in does not work either, it always fails with “You requested to install … but it could not be found”. The error happens while resolving the initial target platform before a single project is even built. I can understand that the artifacts cannot be found at this stage, because they must be built first. So how do I get the tycho-surefire-plugin test runtime to be configured to use the static target platform configuration and the plugins and features just built? There seems no way to do this with 0.21.0 while it worked just fine with 0.20.0 and before.
Best regards, Uwe J

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