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Re: [tycho-user] Forcing surefire to use a specified target platform

On 08/06/2014 08:47 AM, Marcel Romijn wrote:
Since we have no compile errors in the Tycho compile phase, we assume the Target Platform is indeed configured correctly and active.
That's not very safe to assume that. The big majority of org.eclipse.* bundles are backward compatible, so even if you build artifacts compatible with Luna using artifacts from Mars, there are big chances that you succeed to build anyway.
Try a "mvn dependency:list" on your test bundle, it will show you the actual list of dependencies computed by Tycho. With the fully qualified version, you'll be able to see whether the stuff you get is actually the stuff you have in your target definition.
For surefire, the list of dependencies is visible in target/work/config/config.ini.

We have added a unit test to check the version of the ‘org.eclipse.platform’ plugin and that mentions version 4.3.2…

If Tycho gets org.eclipse.platform is version 4.3.2, it's either that this bundle is accessible via your target definition, or that you've added a <repository> containing this artifact, or referencing another repository containing it.
When building, Tycho logs the various sites it consumes, you should check that this lists conforms to your expectation.
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