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Re: [tycho-user] Forcing surefire to use a specified target platform

Hi Mickael,


Thanks for your quick answer!


We specify the Target Platform with a .target file. Next to the Eclipse 4.2.2 SDK, that .target file also specifies other Eclipse packages, like GEF, DTP, etc…

Since we have no compile errors in the Tycho compile phase, we assume the Target Platform is indeed configured correctly and active.


We have added a unit test to check the version of the ‘org.eclipse.platform’ plugin and that mentions version 4.3.2…


Since our application is quite huge, we’ll try to create a small example. Maybe we’ve overlooked something…





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On 08/05/2014 01:27 PM, Marcel Romijn wrote:

We are moving from a PDE based build to a Tycho build and we are running the unit tests with the surefire plugin.

tycho-surefire-plugin doesn't have "its own" target platform and does rely on the one you configured in that target-platform-configuration plugin and <repositories> to create a test runtime.
Are you sure your target definition and you <repositories> in pom.xml do not contain any reference to an Eclipse 4.3.2 site?

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