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[tycho-user] Creating product problems

Hi All,


I have a problem to materialize product using tycho.


First we are using tycho 0.17.0 and eclipse helios as target platform.


I have product configuration which if I export directly from eclipse it works for me. When I export this product, it is completely different to what I get exporting it from eclipse.


I found one issue – tycho product build add some features which I don’t want to have – and they are not defined in product file:




With export (or PDE build) was only included referenced feature org.eclipse.rcp.


Next thing is that launcher.ini file contains additional properties than specified in product file (which are not there if exported from eclipse or using PDE build).







I think this is not new questions, but I was unable to find any answer to my questions.







Kind regards / S pozdravem 


Jan Pešta

SW Engineer Sr.


CertiCon a.s.,

Vaclavska 12

12000 Prague 2

Czech Republic


Office Prague: +420 224 904 200

Office Pilsen: +420 224 904 406

Mobile: +420 604 794 306

E-mail: jan.pesta@xxxxxxxxxxx



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