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[tycho-user] Archiving products, archive naming


Is there a way to name the archives with a version number or other parameters I can use in the archive name?

I need to differentiate builds using different targets.

- Build 1) will use Kepler (.target has entry for Kepler).
- Build 2) will use Luna (.target has entry for Luna).

Both build the same .product file, but will have a different parent pom.xml  with varying Target Platform). 

Any options on how to deal with this?

(BTW: I didn't see a way to manipulate the file name with the goal tycho-p2-director:archive-products, but even if it did, would I somehow be able to differentiate which target was used to resolve dependencies and deduct a file name from this?).

One option, I have is to execute  bash script in the Hudson job running these builds, but I would really like to explore tycho's/Maven's possibilities prior to falling back to bash.

Thank You,

Christophe Bouhier

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