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[tycho-user] Selective Compiling, is this possible?

Hello All,

I have a scenario where I need to make sure one bundle compiles against another.

Here is my scenario:

BundleA exposes package  This bundle uses spring to create mock objects against interfaces in said package. These mock objects are exposed as services that a UnitTest bundle ( eclipse-test-plugin) uses strictly for unit testing a service implementation bundle.

BundleB exposes the same package But these interfaces extend spring data PagingAndSortingRepository, which the mocking framework does not like.

BundleC imports package I need this one to compile against BundleB and not BundleA.

When I built my product and installed it, I kept getting an error when using one of my services that a method was not found. It seems it was compiling BundleC against BundleA's dao package and not the ones in BundleB extending the spring data interfaces. BundleA is not in the feature that defines my product.

Is there a way to use the maven tycho compiler plugin to  compile against BundleB and not BundleA?



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