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Re: [tycho-user] Dynamic update of

Hi Christian,

> thanks for your advice
>> Use the maven-resources-plugin to copy you stuff below
> ${} (normally target/classes).
> But I am not generating classes here, so I guess it is of no use to copy my
> resources to the target/classes folder. Think of my generated folder as a
> resource, like an "images" folder or something similar. Tycho does not copy
> such resources to the target folder at all. Instead it seems to consume them
> directly from their original location.

Even if resources are not classes, in a classic Maven build they are
collected under target/classes, which is the folder where the
maven-jar-plugin will pick them up.

At least for eclipse-repository projects, placing additional files
pre-package in the folder they end up in the build artifact just fine.
Haven't tested it with eclipse-plugin projects, but assumed that Tycho
behaves the same there.

Best wishes,


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