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[tycho-user] Dynamic update of

Title: Dynamic update of


in one of my projects I want to dynamically build help pages during a tycho build. Therefore I provided a dedicated JavaDoc doclet that creates help pages, updates the plugin.xml (to register a help page) and so on.

It also changes the file to add a generated “help” folder to the “bin.includes”

During my build I run the javadoc doclet as follows:


        <!-- Enable module documentation builder -->








                <additionalparam>-root ${}/..</additionalparam>













The doclet runs correctly, adding resources and manipulating configuration files. Unfortunately my help folder will not be packaged into the resulting jar file.

Still I can see that plugin.xml and MANIFEST.MF were updated correctly.

Does tycho read the before and cache that data? Is there a way I can add the help folder to packaging?



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