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Re: [tycho-user] Release OSGi bundles/projects with Tycho

Hello Timo,

a bit more context on our setup:

SNAPSHOT dependencies to plugins and features only threaten build
reproducibility if those dependencies are fetched from some remote repo
and there may change over time. In our case, all SNAPSHOTs are part of
the current reactor (and within the same Git repository). Thus, Tycho
always get a consistent set of SNAPSHOTs.

That being said, not switching from SNAPSHOT versions to non-SNAPSHOTs
for our eclipse-plugin and eclipse-feature projects is important, as
people may have installed snapshots from our head update site and expect
to be able to upgrade to our stable releases later. This only works if
our stable releases have newer versions w.r.t OSGi semantics.

Hope that clarifies things.


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