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[tycho-user] tycho-compiler vs tycho-packaging when building multiple jars with

When I use the source.<lib> properties in the tycho-compiler plugin outputs to ${}/<lib>-classes, but tycho-packaging:package-plugin outputs to ${basedir}/<lib>. Is that because the bin.includes are relative to ${basedir}? I like to standardize on having all build-process generated output created under a known folder, so that developers universally know they can delete that folder to force a full clean rebuild. But this inconsistency between compiler and packaging is making that configuration a bit cumbersome. I can use the additionalFileSets instead of bin.includes to include the jar files in my plugin, but using “” means I then need to use “${}/target/…” when staging files for each source.<lib> in my pom.xml, because there is no bin.includes.<lib> I can put in my (at least not according to
So while I _can_ get it configured and working, the inconsistency between tycho-compiler and tycho-packaging is a bit cumbersome to work with (if keeping all your build output under the target folder is important to you). Am I overcomplicating the configuration somewhere? Can there be better consistency in a future release?

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