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Re: [tycho-user] Plug-in in several p2 update sites - How to consume the plug-in with the highest version number

Sesterhenn, Jörg wrote:
> Am 19.02.2014 10:18, schrieb Lars Vogel:
> >  Also placing in 0.0.0 in the target definition file would not work
> > because according to
> > the content selection of the target platform is also not considered.
> Is this still true? I believe this documentation to be outdated.
> Selecting content from a target definition deffinetly changes the build
> behavior.
> Could anyone comment on this, please?

The original statement from is:

"The selection on the Content tab of the Target Editor is ignored".

This is still the case, but it is completely unrelated to how you specify versions. I don't understand the point that Lars was trying to make... Sorry.


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