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Re: [tycho-user] Plug-in in several p2 update sites - How to consume the plug-in with the highest version number

Thanks Igor and Jörg. Filtering could work in theory but but similar to the description in this would create lots of manual work. Also placing in 0.0.0 in the target definition file would not work because according to the content selection of the target platform is also not considered. 

I tried to solve it by removing the Luna update site and including the individual updates sites, e,g. EMF, WTP XML editor. But finding the correct updates sites for all plug-ins and feature required for a SDK is very time consuming an error-prone.

Is it possible to set a filter for a specific update site? For example if I want to use the luna update side only for EMF and ECF?

Thanks for the advice, Lars

2014-02-14 7:32 GMT+01:00 "Sesterhenn, Jörg" <Joerg.Sesterhenn@xxxxxxxxx>:

Am 14.02.2014 00:47, schrieb Lars Vogel:
We only need Luna for the plug-ins which are not included in the CBI build and could in theory solve this with the usage of target definition files. But AFAIK the target definition files must always specify a version. As the plug-in version number of the CBI plug-ins changes all the time, I think we cannot use that.
You can set the versions in the target definition to 0.0.0. However, you can not make that change in the editor. We use this to integrate against SNAPSHOTs of products also developed at our company.

Jörg Sesterhenn

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