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Re: [tycho-user] Plug-in in several p2 update sites - How to consume the plug-in with the highest version number

I've integrated the obeo target-plattform generator in our build-process (I manage only the targetplatform file and generate the .target file headless) and works like charm.

Jeremie, thank you for the great tutorial.

On 19/02/14 13:42, David M Williams wrote:
I don't know about "0.0.0" ... but, I've used
in target files and it has worked fine.
Of course, I do this only temporarily, while getting things working ... once ready for production, I do specify whole, exact version.
But, I would not be surprised if even constructs such as version="[1.1.0,2.0.0)" would also work? (Though, admit, have not tried that -- and IMHO, not as good as specifying exact version).

One reason exact version is important, is that some times (especially for third party bundles from non-Eclipse sources) they may not follow the same "semantic rules" we do -- they might introduce an API change or breaking change in behavior just going from 1.1.0.<qualifier> to 1.3.0.<qualifier> --- hence for a truly reproducible build, need to specify whole exact version.

There are also functions in PDE target editor ("update") that will help with some of the tedious work.


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Subject:        Re: [tycho-user] Plug-in in several p2 update sites - How to consume the plug-in with the highest version number
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Am 19.02.2014 10:18, schrieb Lars Vogel:
>  Also placing in 0.0.0 in the target definition file would not work
> because according to
> the content selection of the target platform is also not considered.
Is this still true? I believe this documentation to be outdated.
Selecting content from a target definition deffinetly changes the build
Could anyone comment on this, please?

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