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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho recommended way for EMF code generation

Hello Martien,
we use MWE2 workflow to run the EMF generator.
It works from eclipse and in a tycho-maven build using exec java plugin.


Am 18.02.2014 um 09:26 schrieb Huijsmans, Martien <martien.huijsmans@xxxxxxxxx>:

Hi all,
I am looking at how to integrate EMF code generation from an Ecore model into a Tycho build.
After a google session I found 2 options.
-          Use the hwellmann approach:
-          Use tycho-eclipserun-plugin + org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner and a AntBuild script.
1)      Am I correct that the 2 options above are the only 2 options?
2)      Is EMF code generation from an Ecore mode something that Tycho wants to support?
3)      If the answer to 2) is yes, what is the recommended way / planned approach in a Tycho build?
If the answer to 2) is no, what is the reason?
Regards Martien
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