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Re: [tycho-user] Is the hwellman approach deprecated?

I suggest you ask this question to EMF developers. This is their code
and they should be able to tell if there is a better way to run EMF code
generation now.


On 2/18/2014, 3:26, Huijsmans, Martien wrote:
Hi all,

I am looking at how to integrate EMF code generation from an Ecore model
into a Tycho build.

One option is described here:

It uses: org.eclipse.emf.codegen.ecore.Generator

When I look at the Generator code at
I see

   public static void main(String args[])


     new Generator().run(args);



1)does the implementation from hwellmann make use of that deprecated API?

2)If the answer to 1) is yes, does that imply that the hwellmann
implementation is basically also deprecated?
If the answer to 1) is no, can you explain?

Regards Martien

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