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[tycho-user] Howto extending the source path used by Tycho?

Hi all,


For a project I generate code from an ecore model from within maven.

So I need to “inform” Tycho about the source directory of the generated java code.


One option is to update the and point to the directory with the generated  java code.

That works.

I can of course also copy the code.


The option that I preferred is to inform Tycho through the pom.xml about the additional source directory.

So I used build-helper-maven-plugin to tell maven about the additional directory with java code.

Below is the plugin configuration.

My conclusion (after running “maven  compile –X”) is that Tycho only looks at the

source directories specified in and ignore the addition source directories that

provided with the build-helper-maven-plugin.

Is there an way to inform Tycho through the pom.xml ?


Regards Martien




















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