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Re: [tycho-user] Building large projects

Hi Jesper,

> I search but couldn't find any documentation for this plugin. 

"mvn help:describe" is your friend:

mvn help:describe -Ddetail
> [INFO] '' is a plugin goal (aka mojo).
> Mojo: 'target-platform-utils:mirror-target-to-repo'
> target-platform-utils:mirror-target-to-repo
>   Description: Mirrors a target file as a p2 repo. Suitable for
>     sharing/caching target/dependency sites.
>   Implementation:
>   Language: java
>   Available parameters:
>     includeSources
>       User property: mirror-target-to-repo.includeSources
>       (no description available)
>     outputRepository
>       Expression: ${}/${project.artifactId}.target.repo
>       (no description available)
>     sourceTargetArtifact
>       (no description available)
>     sourceTargetFile
>       (no description available)

As you can see, the configuration element you are looking for is called
sourceTargetArtifact or sourceTargetFile (not targetFile).

Neither of these properties can be set on the command line (only
includeSources can, through the given "user property"), but if not set
they will default to the current artifact/project.


  mvn -pl

should do what you want and mirror the given eclipse-target-definition

Hope this helps.


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