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[tycho-user] Building large projects


In our company we recently switched from using an ant based PDE build to using tycho. Some of my colleagues rightfully complain that the build takes too long compared to our previous build system.

The ant build took something like 20 minutes to build around 240 bundles.
Since around 60 bundles are actually our base platform this is build and released seperately now. Building this takes around 13 minutes.
The other 180 bundles take around 40 minutes to build.

Question: is there a way I can get the build to go faster?

Some more detail on our setup:
  • Sonatype Nexus is used to proxy the eclipse juno site.
  • Nexus also holds some third party dependencies, they are added as pom dependencies.
  • We have an eclipse target platform project that holds a target file.
  • The pom dependencies are in the parent project so they do not need to be maintained per module.

Thanks, Jeroen

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