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[tycho-user] Product can't find features in remote P2 repository

Hello everyone,

the Maven/Tycho build of our Eclipse-based product can't seem to find
the features the product includes which are accessible via a P2
repository known to Maven/Tycho.


At our group of developers, we work on two different Eclipse-based
projects, PA and PB. PA is about the development of frameworks. PB also
contains a few frameworks, but also defines an Eclipse product to be
downloaded and run by people.

PA has its own Git repository and Maven/Tycho-based build. All
frameworks are organized into features and published as a P2 repository.
This works perfectly fine.

PB also has its own Git repository and Maven/Tycho-based build. The
parent POM file includes a reference to the P2 repository PA is
published at:


The PB product is built from features that are part of PB, as well as
features that are part of PA. The latter are supposed to be
automatically pulled from repository p2.PA. This, however, is where our
problem lies.

The product for instance contains feature FA from project PA. While
Tycho seems to be able to find and download FA from p2.PA, it doesn't
find the plug-ins FA is comprised of -- even though the plug-ins are
also part of the p2.PA repository.

We have already checked if the plug-in versions required during the
build match the versions available in the repository. They do match.
Googleing this issue didn't turn up anything useful. Building a product
that includes features from other repositories doesn't seem to be a
common enough use-case.

Let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks a lot,
 Christoph Daniel

Christoph Daniel Schulze

Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel
Department of Computer Science
Chair of Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Room 1112
Phone +49 (0)431 880-7297

Olshausenstr. 40
24098 Kiel

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