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Re: [tycho-user] Product can't find features in remote P2 repository

For the list: There are some replies to this question here [1]


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> Subject: [tycho-user] Product can't find features in remote P2 repository
> Hello everyone,
> the Maven/Tycho build of our Eclipse-based product can't seem to find
> the features the product includes which are accessible via a P2
> repository known to Maven/Tycho.
> Details
> At our group of developers, we work on two different Eclipse-based
> projects, PA and PB. PA is about the development of frameworks. PB also
> contains a few frameworks, but also defines an Eclipse product to be
> downloaded and run by people.
> PA has its own Git repository and Maven/Tycho-based build. All
> frameworks are organized into features and published as a P2 repository.
> This works perfectly fine.
> PB also has its own Git repository and Maven/Tycho-based build. The
> parent POM file includes a reference to the P2 repository PA is
> published at:
>   <repositories>
>     <repository>
>       <id>p2.PA</id>
>       <layout>p2</layout>
>       <url>the_repository_url</url>
>     </repository>
>   </repositories>
> The PB product is built from features that are part of PB, as well as
> features that are part of PA. The latter are supposed to be
> automatically pulled from repository p2.PA. This, however, is where our
> problem lies.
> The product for instance contains feature FA from project PA. While
> Tycho seems to be able to find and download FA from p2.PA, it doesn't
> find the plug-ins FA is comprised of -- even though the plug-ins are
> also part of the p2.PA repository.
> We have already checked if the plug-in versions required during the
> build match the versions available in the repository. They do match.
> Googleing this issue didn't turn up anything useful. Building a product
> that includes features from other repositories doesn't seem to be a
> common enough use-case.
> Let me know if you need any more information.
> Thanks a lot,
>  Christoph Daniel
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