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[tycho-user] Any way to exclude pom and other maven artifacts from generated artifacts?


We are using Tycho to generate our OSGi bundles, but have not been able to fully migrate to maven for most of our build. Other artifacts are generated with ant. As such Tycho is only used for artifact creation. Installer packaging , P2 generation, Maven publishing, etc are all done via Ant. As a side-effect of using Tycho, the bundles all have a "maven" sub-directory in the META-INF directory that contains the pom and other maven metadata.

Furthermore, we use a promotion release scheme, rather than doing a "release" build. All artifacts are built, then tested, and if they meet necessary criteria they are promoted to first to a milestone, then eventually the last milestone is promoted for release. We have been ignoring the fact that the maven directory contains the build manifest because it is superfluous to our process. However, other groups consuming our builds are now reporting issues where a milestone or release artifact contains a "SNAPSHOT" pom file.

Since the metadata, isn't required for the bundle, I'm wondering if there is a way to tell Tycho not to include the maven meta-data into the artifact.



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