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Re: [tycho-user] Problem getting Tycho to use a local .target file

Jan Sievers wrote:
> >But this leads to a dilemma: we have a large number of plugins and
> >features, so we want to take advantage of the ability of
> >tycho-pomgenerator-plugin to generate the poms for us (if for nothing
> >else, so we don't have to manually maintain the list of <modules> in the
> >parent pom); in other words, my plan is to NOT check in the poms for each
> >plugin or feature project or the "parent" pom above them.
> I'm afraid tycho-pomgenerator-plugin wasn't designed for this purpose.
> The idea was to give you a quickstart/template for migrating an existing
> project to tycho.
> So it's a one-time generation and then you start customizing your pom.xml
> files.

Actually, I think that the tycho-pomgenerator-plugin was originally designed for a POM-less build, but this approach was abandoned a while ago.

This means that tycho-pomgenerator-plugin won't give you complete results for the more modern Tycho features like target files. It should be possible to extend the plugin to also cover target files (including the eclipse-target-definition packaging type), and this would make sense, but we would need you to do it. I don't think that the use case is important to any of the committers, so don't expect us to implement it.

If this is an option for you, please follow the Contributor's Guide [1]



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