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Re: [tycho-user] Problem getting Tycho to use a local .target file

>But this leads to a dilemma: we have a large number of plugins and
>features, so we want to take advantage of the ability of
>tycho-pomgenerator-plugin to generate the poms for us (if for nothing
>else, so we don't have to manually maintain the list of <modules> in the
>parent pom); in other words, my plan is to NOT check in the poms for each
>plugin or feature project or the "parent" pom above them. 

I'm afraid tycho-pomgenerator-plugin wasn't designed for this purpose.
The idea was to give you a quickstart/template for migrating an existing project to tycho.
So it's a one-time generation and then you start customizing your pom.xml files.

Your scenario is valid but we don't have tooling for it AFAIK.
I think the reason is that ultimately there is an information gap for generating pom.xml files solely from MANIFEST.MF/other PDE files.
E.g. info about the p2 repos you want to compile against are not available for the pom generator.


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