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Re: [tycho-user] Remove p2 Folder in Materialized Products

Hej Tobias,
Am 19.11.2012 10:52, schrieb Oberlies, Tobias:

In the materialized product folders I'm a little bothered about this
additional eclipsec.exe, which I managed to remove via a
productfilename.p2.inf and the entry


This is a hack and only works by chance: p2 doesn't guarantee any order in which
> touchpoints are executed, so your deletion may be executed before the file is created
> through a touchpoint on the IU which brings the executable.

Thanks for that very interesting hint. I'll keep this hack going, as long it just works for us.

The proper solution needs some investment in how p2 publishes products to no longer
> couple the eclipsec.exe to the eclipse.exe.

Ah, okay. I would have filed a feature request, but I guess there are not so many users who don't need the eclipsec.exe and even less who care about this additional executable anyway.

And for the "Bundle JRE"-Feature, I'll try to implement this by using p2 touchpoints and their copy mechanisms, which seems a little smarter than our current approach (own JRE-Feature containting the JRE as root files). If that works, the p2 folder with its binary cache will shrink to a size of a few kB, and so it won't bother me either.

Thanks again,
Mirko Swillus

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