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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho and code signing on OS X

Thanks Martin!

2012/9/27 Martin Lippert <lippert@xxxxxxx>
I guess you mean signing the OSX app with an Apple certificate to make Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper happy?

That's exactly what I meant :)
I tried what you suggested but I went for David's way with the exec-maven-plugin instead so I didn't have to pull Ant into my build process.

But I guess I'm missing the "unlock the keychain" part as I get the message: "Developer ID Application: the name of my certificate: no identity found".

Running maven with mvn -X clean install I can see that the command line being generated is fine and if I copy & paste that into the same terminal shell it works a charm. It's like the mvn process was running with a different user apparently.. which is kind of weird as I'm running it from that same terminal shell. 

Have you got any clue about what could be wrong?


Valerio Santinelli