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Re: [tycho-user] Tycho and code signing on OS X

Hey Valerio!

I guess you mean signing the OSX app with an Apple certificate to make Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper happy? I do the following in my build script for the products of the Spring Tool Suite:

(you would need to replace STS.app with the name of your app, of course, and <YourCompanyHere> with the correct ID of your Apple Developer certificate that you need from Apple)

							<taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antcontrib.properties" />

<exec executable="codesign">
<arg value="-s"/>
<arg value="Developer ID Application: <YourCompanyHere>"/>
<arg value="${build.destination.cocoa.x86}/sts-${unqualifiedVersion}.${p2.qualifier}/STS.app"/>

<exec executable="codesign">
<arg value="-s"/>
<arg value="Developer ID Application: <YourCompanyHere>"/>
<arg value="${build.destination.cocoa.x86_64}/sts-${unqualifiedVersion}.${p2.qualifier}/STS.app"/>


But you need to run this on a OSX machine with the Xcode toolchain installed and you need to unlock your OSX keychain before.


On 27.09.12 20:38, Valerio Santinelli wrote:
Hello there,

this is my first post on this list and I hope I'm not going to be off-topic.

Hre's the question: has anyone stumbled upon having to code sign an OS X binary (.app) built with Tycho?
Is there a script that can be run from Maven or a plugin for the Maven+Tycho couple?


Valerio Santinelli

Inviato da iPad
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