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Re: [tycho-user] Is it possible to create a p2 site with a patch feature?

Hello Tobias,

Unfortunately, I don't have an account on Eclipse Bugzilla, which means I can't file a bug report.

I can provide you with the elements you need in this message, so you can open a report on this case, and/or ensure this is really a valid new bug (I can't myself attest that, since I know practically nothing about Tycho internals).

The very same problem is reproductible with the simplistic project set attached to this message. The 'TychoBuchProject.zip' archive contains a fake 'org.eclipse.emf' plugin, a patch feature for the EMF feature it (falsely) updates, a product definition project for hosting the desired p2 site, and a separate bare project that holds the main/parent POM.

A you will be able to see, Tycho (release 0.15) just can't resolve the original EMF feature dependency, although it is referenced in my target platform definition; moreover, I added the Eclipse main repositories (where that original features is available) in my master POM.

Hope that will be useful to Tycho developers. Please let me know if you need any other precision.

Thank you, and best regards,

Le 14/09/2012 13:21, Oberlies, Tobias a écrit :
I also believe this is a bug in eclipse-repository, and AFAIK we don't
> have a bug report for this particular case yet. Please open a bug report
> and provide a minimal project that demonstrates the problem.

Thanks & regards


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This is likely a bug in eclipse-repository packaging and possibly
underlying p2 implementation, but you can still use eclipse-update-site
or eclipse-feature packaging to build patch features. As an example, I
pushed to github [1] m2e maven 3.0.3 runtime (now obsolete) we used to
provide as separate feature installable from Eclipse marketplace

[1] https://github.com/ifedorenko/m2e-maven-runtime


On 12-09-14 5:02 AM, ROUSSEL Kévin wrote:

As said in the title, I am building a RCP project that includes a patch
feature (for a third-party dependency).

I am facing a problem: the 'publish-products' goal of the
'tycho-p2-publisher-plugin' fails, because of a missing dependency of my
patch feature to the original feature. However, the needed original
feature is included in the target platform definition for my product.

If what is said in this page
(http://wiki.eclipse.org/Tycho_Messages_Explained) is correct, there may
be problems with patch features using Tycho.

I am right now using Tycho release 0.15. Is there any problem with this
version? Should I try to upgrade to version 0.16-SNAPSHOT?
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