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[tycho-user] Is it possible to create a p2 site with a patch feature?


As said in the title, I am building a RCP project that includes a patch feature (for a third-party dependency).

I am facing a problem: the 'publish-products' goal of the 'tycho-p2-publisher-plugin' fails, because of a missing dependency of my patch feature to the original feature. However, the needed original feature is included in the target platform definition for my product.

If what is said in this page (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Tycho_Messages_Explained) is correct, there may be problems with patch features using Tycho.

I am right now using Tycho release 0.15. Is there any problem with this version? Should I try to upgrade to version 0.16-SNAPSHOT?

Kévin Roussel Ingénieur-expert, projet OPEN-PEOPLE Équipe TRIO, INRIA Nancy Grand-Est