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Re: [tycho-user] please test staged tycho 0.14.0

>> One thing about 0.14.0 is that it seems to enforce that all version
>> numbers must have three parts.  For example, I've repackaged the
>> Prefuse library, which as a version number like "20071021" in the
>> MANIFEST.MF.  In 0.13.0, the generated pom file also said 20071021,
>> but that generated pom file now fails: 0.14.0 is looking for
>> "20071021.0.0".  I think there's a new maven goal to reset all pom
>> versions to match their manifest versions, but I don't know how to use
>> it.  Is it just "mvn tycho-versions-plugin:updatepom"?

> I think you need to specify groupId and version, but I am not sure.

Right, it turns out to be

mvn org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:0.14.0:update-pom

This is great, except that it's not as strict as the
tycho-packaging-plugin validate-version test.  Here's a demo that
exhibits the bug:

When I run the update-pom goal, I'd expect it to set the pom's version
to 1.0.0, because when I run "mvn install", the validate-version goal
fails unless the pom version is exactly 1.0.0.

Other than this, the auto version setting is extremely useful!  Thanks!

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