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Re: [tycho-user] Problem with dependency on classes exported by a fragment (using org.eclipse.swt)

Can you explain what are you trying to do? More specifically, why one of
your projects has 'org.eclipse.swt' bundle symbolic name?


On 12-01-24 2:00 PM, Istvan Szenkovszky wrote:
Yes, i get the exact same result building it with Tycho 0.14.0-SNAPSHOT
as with 0.13.0.


24/01/2012 15:34 keltezéssel, Igor Fedorenko írta:
Does the problem occur with Tycho 0.14.0-SNAPSHOT?


On 12-01-24 8:53 AM, Istvan Szenkovszky wrote:
Hi users!

I have some problems with building my projects with Tycho and i don't
know whether it's a bug or not and if it's a bug then has it been
reported somewhere or not. This my first time reporting such issue so if
you need more details please let me know what else you need.
So the case is that i'm using org.eclipse.swt plugin as a host of a
fragment (org.eclipse.swt.fragment) and there is a 3rd project
(myproject) which has a dependency exported by the fragment. When i try
to build it with Tycho 0.13.0 (mvn clean package) i got an error

[ERROR] The projects in the reactor contain a cyclic reference: Edge
between 'Vertex{label='myproject:org.eclipse.swt:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT'}' and
introduces to cycle in the graph
myproject:org.eclipse.swt.fragment:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT -->
myproject:org.eclipse.swt:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT -->
myproject:org.eclipse.swt.fragment:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> [Help 1]

(See the for sources and log.txt in myproject.parent)

But if i change the version to 0.12.0 then the build runs successfully.

Question: Is there a way to get it built with 0.13.0 and later?

Another strange behavior i found:

If i change the name of the org.eclipse.swt project to anything else the
build fails complaining about it couldn't resolve the import from the
fragment. It fails both with 0.13.0 and 0.12.0, so in this case i have
to add in myproject a line to the
jars.extra.classpath = platform:/plugin/org.eclipse.swt.fragment

then it works again with 0.13.0 and 0.12.0.

Thank You in advance.

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