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Re: [tycho-user] How to exclude an optional transitive feature/plugin from a product?

This is not as much about Tycho but rather the IUs you include. Older
versions of p2 (3.7 and earlier) used to represent optional dependencies
and "greedy" in p2 metadata, which means they will be installed as long
as they are available in any p2 repository accessible by the build. The
new version of p2 properly represents optional dependencies as
non-greedy, which does not trigger installation.


On 11-11-18 9:34 AM, Julien HENRY wrote:

I am using Tycho to build a custom Eclipse product. So I have a feature that references all other features I want to have included (jdt, m2e, svn, jboss-tools, ...). But some features have dependencies on other features that are optional and that I don't need.
Is it possible to exclude transitive dependencies with Tycho (like it is possible to exclude transitive dependencies with Maven)?

For example my main feature declares a dependency on Spring IDE:

       <import feature="org.springframework.ide.eclipse.feature" version=""/>

In the feature.xml of org.springframework.ide.eclipse.feature there is:

But when I build my product the org.springframework.ide.eclipse.uaa.feature is included and I can't find a way to exclude it.

Any idea?



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