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[tycho-user] How to exclude an optional transitive feature/plugin from a product?


I am using Tycho to build a custom Eclipse product. So I have a feature that references all other features I want to have included (jdt, m2e, svn, jboss-tools, ...). But some features have dependencies on other features that are optional and that I don't need.
Is it possible to exclude transitive dependencies with Tycho (like it is possible to exclude transitive dependencies with Maven)?

For example my main feature declares a dependency on Spring IDE:

      <import feature="org.springframework.ide.eclipse.feature" version=""/>

In the feature.xml of org.springframework.ide.eclipse.feature there is:

But when I build my product the org.springframework.ide.eclipse.uaa.feature is included and I can't find a way to exclude it.

Any idea?



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