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Re: [tycho-dev] Abandoning Java < 11 support for tycho-surefire-plugin?


I think currently the OSGi Booter Projekt also is Java 1.5 compliant I think there where some concerns because then you can't run tests with older JDKs but in general I think we can require J11 for tests as well.

for the record, I was someone who has voiced these concerns about a year ago (<>) and even supplied a pull request to ensure that tests in a forked JVM could still be run with Java 8.

At least from our perspective, the use case (testing against old versions of Eclipse which do not even run on Java 11 but that are still used by our users) is still valid. Admittedly, we finally need not support Luna any more, as our last users have move from that old beast to Eclipse Neon, but progress (for lack of a better word ;-) is slow.

Thus, for us dropping the ability to run tests with Java 8 would mean that we will have to stay with Tycho 2.7.0 for a while longer.

Just my 2 cents.

Best wishes,


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