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[tycho-dev] Abandoning Java < 11 support for tycho-surefire-plugin?

Hi all,

As I'm looking at migrating tycho-surefire-plugin to newer JUnit 5 compatible surefire, I realized it's a bit simpler if we stop supporting running tests against Java < 11 and make JavaSE-11 the BREE for the Tycho's Surefire plugins that are injected into the test application.
I think it's relatively harmless as we already require Java 11 to run Tycho itself and this default Java installation is used by tycho-surefire-plugin (unless configured differently).

Do you see  further issue dropping support for running older JVM with Tycho Surefire? Or can I just proceed?

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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