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[tycho-dev] tycho-document-bundle: filtering packages by name

Hello everybody.

I've submitted a patch last night for configuring tycho-document-bundle plugin to include/exclude packages by name when building the options file for JavaDoc:

Our use case: a customer wanted to extend and build its own variant(s) of an Eclipse RCP application we developed. So we packaged an SDK (sort of).

Thanks to tycho-document-bundle we were able to generate and collect the JavaDoc of all plug-ins included in the SDK with very simple configuration.

We also nedeed to exclude some packages from javadoc processing (eg.: all *.internal.* stuff), and it sounded natural to me to do it by configuring tycho-document-bundle, but I wasn't able to find a way with current implementation.

My proposal is to (optionally) specify include/exclude filters as follows:


Accepted wildcard is '*', multiple package names are separated by ':'.

This is my first proposal/contribution ever in a project like this, so any feedback is really welcome :)



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