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Re: [tycho-dev] tycho-document-bundle: filtering packages by name

Hi Enrico,


Thank you for your contribution.

We use the Eclipse Bugzilla to track all bugs and new features, so I’d like to ask you to open an “enhancement” severity bug [1] for the proposed feature. Then we can continue the discussion there rather than here on the mailing list.







From: tycho-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:tycho-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Enrico De Fent
Sent: Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015 10:23
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Subject: [tycho-dev] tycho-document-bundle: filtering packages by name


Hello everybody.


I've submitted a patch last night for configuring tycho-document-bundle plugin to include/exclude packages by name when building the options file for JavaDoc:



Our use case: a customer wanted to extend and build its own variant(s) of an Eclipse RCP application we developed. So we packaged an SDK (sort of).


Thanks to tycho-document-bundle we were able to generate and collect the JavaDoc of all plug-ins included in the SDK with very simple configuration.


We also nedeed to exclude some packages from javadoc processing (eg.: all *.internal.* stuff), and it sounded natural to me to do it by configuring tycho-document-bundle, but I wasn't able to find a way with current implementation.


My proposal is to (optionally) specify include/exclude filters as follows:








Accepted wildcard is '*', multiple package names are separated by ':'.


This is my first proposal/contribution ever in a project like this, so any feedback is really welcome :)






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