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Re: [tycho-dev] Tycho Gerrit Review Process: Some Questions

>1) Is this ture, i.e. is the review policy rigorous? Or are there 
>changes to the repository that can go un-reviewed?

we try to review every change unless considered really trivial.
That said, there is no hard-and-fast "must review all changes" rule.

>2) Since when do you use code review?

we are using gerrit for tycho since April 2012.
Some of the team members have been using gerrit for several years in other projects.

>3) I noticed there can arise changes without a linked bugzilla id. 
>When/why does this happen?

should not happen unless the change is considered really trivial/non-functional (such as "reformat/fix line endings" or similar).
That said, to err is human.


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